Boat Shrink-Wrapping to Store & Protect

Shrink-Wrapping Winterizes and Protects Your Boat

Before you walk away for the winter and leave your boat to endure the cold, make sure it has been properly winterized. Our certified technicians will prepare your boat for the frigid months ahead with a complete winterization package. A little prevention now can save you big dollars when spring arrives.

We will shrink-wrap your boat to help protect it from the elements. CALL US TODAY 828-696-9272

What is boat shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrapping is the envelopment of a boat, or part of a boat, with a tight plastic skin and through the application of heat.

Why use shrink wrap?

  • To reduce contamination.
  • To increase reflective lighting and productivity.
  • To gain access for repairs during inclement weather.

The environmental factors shrink wrapping can virtually eliminate are: precipitation: rain, snow, hail, ice. wind, excessive temperatures, salt air, bird droppings, rodents, insects.

  • To protect the boat for a season against winter storms.
  • To provide a humidity and temperature controlled environment for custom paints, patching materials, and solvents.
  • To save money by reducing labor costs, workers compensation, insurance, lost material charges, and risk of environmental issues.

Short on storage space for your boat? Barry Capps Marine has space available.  Please note the policy is first come Рfirst serve!

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